Run 1: 27th to 30th of January, 2020
Run 2: 30th of January to 2nd of February, 2020

Where: Lungholm Estate, Denmark
Transportation: A bus will be arranged to go from Copenhagen to the estate. The tickets will cost roughly 60 euro per person for a round trip. Bus schedule:
Run 1 – Bus leaves at 12:00 from Copenhagen. It leaves at 11:00 from Lungholm on the 30th
Run 2 – Bus leaves at 13:00 from Copenhagen. It leaves at 12:00 from Lungholm on the 2nd.

Language: English

Contact e-mail:
Facebook group: Libertines – An Atropos Experience

Price: We have four categories of price, depending on what you can afford.  They are:

Subsidized – 300 euro
Standard – 400 euro
High – 500 euro
Sponsor – 600 euro

Servants pay 100 euro less, compared to the category that they choose.

For each High-priced ticked sold, we can offer one additional Subsidized ticket to someone who needs it. Money from Sponsor tickets will either go to offering more Low-priced tickets for this larp, or for improving Atropos as an organization.

We do not accept payments in installments, due to the extra administrative work. However, you will have three months to pay once you have confirmed your participation.

Players: 28
8 gentry characters 
4 servant characters
16 guest characters

Players can sign up either as gentry or as one of the guests or servants of the estate. The gentry are the privileged and powerful, the guests are hopefuls who have come seeking financial or social gain, while the servants work as personal assistants to their mistresses and masters, assisting in the activities as both perpetrators and victims.

Sleeping: The bedrooms are of hotel standard and include bed linen and towels.  There are only double beds at the estate, so no matter whether one is a single character or a couple, you will be sharing a bed with someone. The single characters will be sleeping next to a friend in the same bed. The rooms are all in-game and are part of the play area. 

Setting and costume: The year is formally 1795, but anything from 1780 to 1820 is fine. The setting is historically inspired rather than aiming at exact accuracy. We want a comfortable larp but with the tension and societal expectations of the era.

Here is the COSTUME GUIDE for the larp. It is quite short and can be seen more as an inspiration and guideline for the different groups than a comprehensive description on how to wear 1700s clothing in a correct way.
And here is the interest board with further inspiration: PINTEREST BOARD

Preliminary Schedule:
Arrival day (27th and 30th)
16:00 – Arrival, Dinner
17:00 – Workshop start
20:30 – Workshop end
22:00 – Larp begins

Final day of larping: (29th and 1st)
22:00 – Larp ends, short debrief.
23:00 – Afterparty

The day after: (30th and 2nd)
11:00 – Bus leaves