Content & Techniques

Content declaration:
During play you will likely become witness to scenes that include full nudity, public humiliation, public displays of affection and sexuality, as well as simulated realistic-looking sex, abuse, sexual abuse and violence. You need to be comfortable with these things happening in the play area.

In general, the larp will start off following a closed-door principle where the worst things always happen behind closed doors or out of sight from the main play areas. However, as the acts progress, this principle will be eroded. In act 1, it is complete, while in act 5, there will be a lot of things happening in the open as the characters care less and less for their public facade. 

For participation, we recommend being entirely comfortable with hugging a stranger tightly, being touched by a stranger or with lighter kisses on the mouth, on top of being comfortable witnessing the things mentioned in the content declaration. But whether it is gentle intimacy, portrayed lust or pretend violence, you will always have full control of your own body and of the story you are telling. You always choose who to touch and control who touches you. You can always leave any situation and step outside the play area to take a break from the fiction as needed.

All genders, sexualities and bodies are invited to participate in and explore the setting and story to the fullest. The larp is played in a very physical style where dancing is dancing and fighting looks real. Sexual play will be played through theatre sex, or ”dry humping”, while violence will be portrayed in a real, physical fashion with a focus on trust and controlled, slow escalation. 

Real alcohol will be served, but players are instructed to not get drunk. Tipsy is fine but anything beyond that will mean that you are not allowed to continue play until you are sober.  


Libertines is a larp for those who are comfortable taking responsibility for their own experience and for setting their boundaries clearly. This means a system of slow escalation, a tap-out mechanic as well as placing the responsibility on the participant to use the tap-out or give off-game instructions about the scene or where their limits are. 

The larp focuses on an immersive experience, without many off-game elements. The organizers and helpers will be playing the larp as servant characters but are of course available for the participants should the need arise. There is a limited space for off-game calibration and no social hangout for this – you need to be comfortable seeking the organizers out in case you need to speak with them. This is also a part of our vision of our participants taking responsibility for their well-being and experience.