The cast of characters at Libertines consists of the following:

The Gentry

These are the four ladies and four gentlemen who are hosting the party. The ones who own the manor are a baron and baroness, the rest are among the landed gentry – nobles who own land, but do not have any titles of peerage. They are 3 couples and 2 single individuals. These individuals all hold a great deal of power and significant wealth as well as favours and positions of privilege over many of the other guests. They are responsible for pushing their agendas, for subjecting their guests to horrible things as the party drags on and they will be the social spiders in the web of decadence and intrigue. It is important that you as a player are willing to take this responsibility for providing play and oppression for the other players.

The Military

Three from the army. Two military officers, both men, and one of their fiancees. They have been invited from the upper ranks of a nearby regiment and are known gamblers. One of them owes his rank to the nobles, the other owes them money. They are popular and socially forward, dependent on their charms and their luck to rise above their military paygrade. Initiative, scandal and taking what you want are what they are used to – they might think themselves in control, but are they? 

The Upper Class Guests

Four young women and three young men from the upper-class and lower nobility. Two couples are engaged while the last three are singles. They are invited as guests from the local area, come to the manor expecting a dance and a party. They are all connected to the nobles in one way or another, some close and some of them more distantly. They are all dependent on the good favors of the Gentry but aren’t entirely in their power. These are the characters who seek marriage or favor, or perhaps even to split up their engagements in order to achieve something greater still. They are the risk-takers that are used to a certain degree of privilege. 

The Merchant Class Guests

Six guests from the merchant classes, three women and three men. Two couples and two hopeful young guests. All of them invited for the gambling and the carousing, hoping that they can move up in the world through deals, romantic affairs, forbidden offers or shadowy brokering made with the nobles. They are the most desperate of the guests, at the mercy of their hosts. Should they displease the high and mighty, who knows what kind of fate awaits them at the distant country manor. 

The Personal Servants

Four servants. They are the personal servants to some of the nobles and work in the household. There are more servants in the household but they will not be present or portrayed during the larp.  These servants are all tied to the gentry and their twisted power plays and will surely become pawns – or perpetrators – in their games. 
Note: The servants will be working at the larp and will have heavily reduced ticket prices. The main chef will have a free ticket. The only work they will be required to do is assist with the making of the food – they do not have to do any serving or other servant duties unless they want to. 


Casting of characters will be done on an application basis, where players can indicate interest in specific groups, characters or traits along with some other preferences. The couples will all sign up together as a pair and be casted as pairs, while the solo characters will be casted separately.